Monday, July 10, 2006


Letters to Bavasi: Vol.1

I've been thinking about different forms of the letter -- what it means to address a piece of writing to an intended reader -- and, of course, about the Mariners. In this series, the two trains collide. Today's attempt is a dramatic blank verse address.

Dear Bavasi, I've been promiscuous
But now am true. I've seen the teal and blue
As merely two among a multitude
Of equally worthy hues -- even, at times,
Spun the color-wheel and found excuse
To cheer whichever combination stuck.
It's been a long two years, in short, since I
Last found the strength to clamp the daily irons
To my legs and listen through the mid-action ads
From Fairly, Rizzs and Henderson long enough
To hear Guardado tank, or Felix fire
Some blanks, or Sexson break a game in half
With a light-tower blast. But here I am: a fan
Again, and blessed to be one, with you to thank,
Bavasi. Take my thanks about as far
As next Thursday, then toss them out. Rumor is,
Some roster play's upcoming. Rumor is,
Petagine's gone and Everett's going.
Fare one well and fuck the other (although
I find it difficult to root against
Even King Craptastic as long as he's got
A compass rose on his cap). But what comes next
Is always more important than what's done.
Rumor is, Chris Snelling's coming up,
And gets at-bats or Hargrove's out the door.
I'd love to see it -- 'HARGROVE OUT THE DOOR' --
But here's the thing. I've got a running loop
Inside my head that's been there since October
'95. A low line-drive down the third-base line,
A body rounding second, rounding third.
Rewind, repeat. A low line-drive
Down the third-base line, a small bird
Flying just above the water. That's all.
And hearing "Snelling coming up," that's all
I see. Bavasi -- make the call. Andy

Now seems like a good time for Letters to Bavasi Vol 2.
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